Planning Services

Personal Financial Planning

Our typical, fee-based financial planning service includes:

  • Cash Flow and Tax Planning – Cash flow is summarized with an emphasis on building savings and investments. Then, recommendations are made that seek to maximize growth while minimizing tax and liability exposure. We also provide an analysis of future cash flow requirements to fund your needs and help meet your goals.
  • Educational Funding – Private high school and college education costs are projected so appropriate funding techniques and asset diversification (where necessary) can be determined.
  • Foundation and Portfolio Design – Investments and insurance programs are reviewed to help ensure minimum risk and maximum asset base growth.
  • Retirement Planning – Objectives are quantified to make structure and funding recommendations.
  • Estate Planning – A complete settlement cost projection is performed and suggestions are made to help meet any uncovered liquidity shortages.

We can also provide budgeting and debt reductions plans, investment allocation modeling and individual planning scenario analysis on a reduced fee basis.

Request a copy of our firm's disclosure documentation for further information on the financial planning services and fees available.

Corporate Benefit Planning

Personal financial planning for closely held business owners integrates corporate tax leveraging strategies using selective fringe benefits. We also provide design assistance for funding business succession, selective fringe benefits for business owners and executives, and corporate sponsored retirement plans.
Our corporate benefit planning strategies address the following:

  • Business Continuation
    • Buy/sell transfer plans
    • Stock purchase plans
    • IRC 303 partial stock redemption plans
    • Disability buy-out plans
  • Key Employee Retainment
    • Selective executive retirement plans
    • Deferred compensation plans
    • Tax-qualified retirement plans
    • Executive bonus plans
    • Split dollar insurance plans
    • Insured wage continuation plans
    • Preferred executive retirement programs
  • Risk Management
    • Key person insurance
    • Reverse split dollar insurance plans
    • Overhead expense plans